If you asked what "High Culture" is to a group of people, chances are their responses will be mostly similar. Many people think this happens is because they were raised this way, however i would like to argue that this is mostly Psychological. Take this for example, People are known to prefer sweat foods and thrilling films. Teenagers rebel against their parents because they believe that they are fully independent and mature. The same could be said to culture, The entire World has believed and believes in Spirits and Deities. War, Family Succession and Agriculture also has existed nearly everywhere in the World. Even though these Civilizations were thousands of miles apart from each other. How is this possible? How did people manage to learn this exact knowledge even though they were completely Isolated from each other? One would think, that these Civilizations would have developed differently. I think the most "realistic" explanation for this is that Humans act similarly to their environment, This becomes extremely noticeable when Industrialization grew rapidly in the Nineteenth Century.

Human culture is often influenced by forms of Media, They were originally Short tales and stories often told by mouth over generations. Mass media consumption in the 1920s onwards shifted cultural traditions to be mediocre. What can also be noticed how Cultural change peaked during the 1960s, If you show someone footage of the late 1960s, much will look the same. The truth is, is that the 21st Century culture was standardized during 1969-1989. Many languages were standardized during the Mid 1800s, Before Languages were local, and were not spoken nationwide. The same happens to Human culture, It was standardized because of Industrialization and Public Education.

One would think that a Literate society will cause Information to spread rapidly. However when the television was seen in nearly every American household, people begin to not write and produce but instead read and consume. This changes with the rise of the Internet, a information super highway. Where anything goes and you could learn nearly anything known to man. During the 1990s to the early 2000s a pessimistic way of thinking was quite common and promoted on mainstream media. However after 2012, this all changed. A form of 1950s style optimism started to be promoted, and hope for the future and technology. Which back in the late 1990s to the early 2010s was seen as a form of danger.

The future will be mostly the same as it is today. People will face many problems, and people will believe that future technologies will allow them to live better lives free of all problems. However this is just a Atheistic messiah, that will never come. Technology will hit its peak at some point and then humans will fall back to the stone age. I am not sure when this will happen, but it seems it may happen within our life time or perhaps the next Century.